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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we decided to skip the traditional turkey and just go for two regular roasted chickens. There was just too many ‘toos’ in the turkey, as in “too big”, “too much”, “too messy” and not to mention “too much work.” We just roasted the chicken by mixing lots of butter with rosemary, salt and [...]

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En Route to Hermès Calgary

Oh yes! We braved the cold, windy weather and went on a day trip last Saturday to visit the newly-opened Hermès store in Calgary. After 15 minutes of going around the ‘one-way’ maze in downtown Calgary and dodging all the road repairs, we’re glad to have finally found a parking spot close to Holt Renfrew. [...]

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Hermès Calgary Opening

That’s right beautiful citizens of Alberta. The newest Hermès store is opening in Calgary on Wednesday, October 7th (which is tomorrow). It is located in the newly-expanded 151,000 square foot Holt Renfrew in downtown, which is also officially opening tomorrow. I see a road trip happening this long weekend. Road trip! Road trip! Hermès Holt [...]

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General Tao Chicken Wings

Once in a while I crave for chicken wings — mild, hot, teriyaki and my favourite, just good ‘ole salt and pepper. Well, this time I want to try something different. After seeing Ricardo Larrivée from the show Ricardo and Friends make this chicken wings recipe, I knew I had to try it. It’s sticky, [...]

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