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Sunday Dinner: Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

This is certainly one of the best pork tenderloin recipes we’ve ever made. The tenderloins were perfectly cooked and were really juicy. The best parts of course were the pieces encrusted with the maple glazing. Yum! I would have to say, in particular with this recipe, that a thermometer should be used in order to [...]

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Resistance is futile!

The Borg have said it so many times. In my case, resisting the urge to buy an iPad was futile. Even before it was available in Canada, I was already convincing myself I didn’t need one. I would chant to myself “I don’t need another toy.” Obviously, that didn’t work. The moment I held one [...]

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Gaga Christina Cyrus

Nice name isn’t it? Lately I’ve been playing all their new singles in a loop and now that Lady Gaga’s video Alejandro just came out, I thought of comparing all their videos side by side. By the way, before playing these videos, be aware that they are Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Believe me, “safe” [...]

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