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Spring is here!

Finally! It has been cold for so long it felt like it’s never going to end. To celebrate the arrival of spring, we bought this gorgeous potted orchid. As you can see, the pot and the wrapper is a little less to be desired. Fortunately, we have this classic urn that is being used to [...]

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Lazy Daisy Cake

I went to a dear friend’s farewell party last night and I wanted to bring something but I didn’t have enough time to make anything complicated. Good thing I have a quick and easy recipe on hand from America’s Test Kitchen. It’s called Lazy Daisy Cake. This recipe makes one 8-inch square cake although there [...]

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It’s Too Friggin Cold!

Yup! I was hibernating all this time. Actually, I’ve been pretty busy these past few days but I might as well be hibernating. It has been very cold for so long in my neck of the woods that these pictures started circulating in e-mails. I really don’t like to complain about the weather (well, I [...]

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