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I love MUJI

My good friend and former colleague, San and her hubby are going to Japan next week. So she asked me if I would recommend any stores or boutiques that sell clothes and accessories which are designed or made in Japan. I told her there are lots of interesting Japanese stores but there is nothing like [...]

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Earth Day Inspiration: Ginkaku-ji

This special day reminded me of a garden we visited in Kyoto, Japan. It was in the Zen temple called Ginkaku-ji, the “Temple of the Silver Pavilion”. While the temple was closed for renovations during our visit, the gardens remained open to the public. It was definitely one of the most beautiful gardens we visited [...]

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‘Beaten Up’ T-Shirt by Bassike

I for one, am looking forward to summer and I am so ready to ditch the puffy jackets and wool socks. Let’s just say I’ve had enough of this cold weather and I’m ready to shed some layers. Anyway, once in a while I check out Oki-ni as they have a lot of great clothes, [...]

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Glee: Sue Sylvester’s video homage to Madonna’s “Vogue”

It was a lot of fun watching the first episode of Glee’s second season. However, the best part was when they showed Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) rendition of Madonna’s Vogue video as part of Glee’s second season’s broadcast premiere. I must say Sue totally rocked it! And that’s how Sue “C’s” it!

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