Hermès Cheval d’Orient #2

On an open steppe white with snow, amid tufts of new spring growth… horses gallop. Their silent cavalcade comes from a time beyond time. They gallop on a finely woven pattern of crimson and gold and intense blue, straight from the Orient of our dreams, as it appears in Persian miniatures. Free, joyful and sumptuous, these horses are there to challenge us, they are magnificently timeless, insolent and complicit in our mingling of cultures.

- Excerpt from the Cheval d’Orient catalogue

Hermès - Older items16

After acquiring a few more pieces, we decided to dress up the table to see how everything looks like in a proper table setting.  We have used all of the pieces many times but we have never set the table with all the pieces together.

So without further ado, here they are in a proper table setting.

Hermès New Items - May 4, 200914
Cheval d’Orient table setting

Hermès New Items - May 4, 200922Hermès New Items - May 4, 200923Hermès New Items - May 4, 200915Hermès New Items - May 4, 200916Hermès New Items - May 4, 200925Hermès New Items - May 4, 200924

Here are some of the other pieces in the collection we’ve acquired through the years.

Hermès - Older items06
Hermès tea set – teapot, teacups and saucers, sugar bowl, creamer, teaspoons

Hermès - Older items05Hermès - Older items09Hermès - Older items03Hermès - Older items02Hermès - Older items04

New Items - May 4, 200929

Hermès teacup and saucer

Hermès - Older items01Hermès - Older items07Hermès - Older items08Hermès New Items - May 4, 200928Hermès New Items - May 4, 200927Hermès New Items - May 4, 200930

Hermès - Older items11
Hermès dinner plate

Hermès - Older items10Hermès - Older items12Hermès - Older items13Hermès - Older items15Hermès - Older items14

Hermès New Items - March 24, 200915
Hermès dessert plate

Hermès New Items - March 24, 200914Hermès New Items - March 24, 200911Hermès New Items - March 24, 200912Hermès New Items - March 24, 200913

Don’t they all look stunning?

I have a confession to make though. The first time we saw them we were only planning on getting the tea set. So much for that plan. I guess it has been a slippery slope after completing the tea set.


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    so exquisite!

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      Thanks for stopping by!

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