Hermès Cheval d’Orient #3

Since the table is all set, we thought we might as well leave them out and have a fancy dinner for two. After all, they can’t just be kept hidden in the china cabinet and be used once a year. We might as well put them to good use, right?

And here it is… Voila!

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200901
Barbecue chicken, roasted corn and grilled potatoes with roasted bell peppers.

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200902
Of course, what’s barbecue chicken without the gravy!

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200904

There has to be wine to make it a perfect meal.

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200905

Oh wow! I guess we must be really hungry.

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200910

Here comes the dessert! It's still warm.

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200906

It's Lazy Daisy Cake! So yummy and easy to make.

Hermès Dinner Set - May 4, 200908

A perfect match to our dessert.

What a wonderful meal to end the day. The dishes certainly made our ordinary meal feel so special. While we enjoy eating out or having a nice dinner in a restaurant, we know we can certainly create a beautiful dinner at home too.

So this concludes my Orangebox Feature on the Cheval d’Orient porcelain collection. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating this series.

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