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Japan Shopping: Hermès Cravate Quatre Temps

Remember my last post on Duty Free at the Vancouver Airport? I guess this is technically an item that wasn’t bought in Japan. But hey, it was a stopover on our way to Japan so I’ll consider it. So what is it? We actually went in the store in search of one thing: the scarf-tie. [...]

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Japan Highlights: Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market, also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, is considered the largest fish market in the world. Based on a few guidebooks and internet sites, it is best to visit the market early in the morning especially if one is hopeful to see the seafood auction; in particular, the whole frozen tuna [...]

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To squat or not

That, was the question. Actually, I knew I eventually had to deal with it and I thought I was sure I was going to use it. Then, as soon as I had to go, I just found out there is almost always toilets labelled as “western style”. It was such a relief! I actually gave [...]

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Oh Tokyo!

We are finally in Tokyo and now we just have to find our bearings. What’s a better place to do that than the top of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (located in Shinjuku). It’s free to go up there and the views of the city are amazing. Just don’t mind the tacky restaurant when you reach [...]

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