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Saturday morning finds

Ahh, what a beautiful day. Finally, the sun is shining and snow is melting. Perhaps Spring has arrived. You know what that means… cleaning! While I am all gung ho on tackling the “beast”, I decided to give myself a little pampering just to put me in the right mood. I started off with having [...]

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TU-BE Lüster by Ingo Maurer

… And then there was light. From simple tubes of toothpaste comes this delightful and whimsical light fixture designed by Ingo Maurer in collaboration with Ron Arad. Pretty innovative and unconventional would you say? My favourites are still — The MaMo Nouchies Maybe someday I’ll have one of these beauties when I can afford one.

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Cibachrome Prints

How wonderful are these prints from Dutch visual artist Ruud Van Empel! Some strange and some magical… Is he shy? And this little girl. Such a pretty face! More info and images at

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Embody chairs by Herman Miller

Just when you think nothing will beat the ever-popular, super-stylish, very-ergonomic Aeron chair, out comes the new and innovative Embody chair! Designed by Jeff Weber and the late Bill Stumpf, they came up with the idea: ‘What if a design could go beyond just minimizing the negative effects of sitting? What if we designed a [...]

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