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We had a potluck last Tuesday and I totally forgot about it the day before so I had to quickly make something at home. Hhhhmmm… So what did I make? Lolly-Pies! Good thing a friend posted a link on her Facebook wall. I clicked on the link and found this blog called Luxirare. I’m telling [...]

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Le Monde d’Hermès No. 55 & Tie Catalogue – Autum/Winter 2009

A dream? No. Simply a few vitamins to ensure that 2009, the year of Beautiful Escapes at Hermès, comes to an energetic, colorful end. Roll on winter! Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès I just received my copy of the latest issue of Le Monde d’Hermès (No. 55), a tie catalog and scarf booklet for [...]

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Hermès Ovni Pouch in black box calfskin

I just checked out the recently updated interactive site of Hermès and look what I found! I love, love, love this pouch! This would be perfect for overnight trips or a quick change in the office. Of course the gazillion dollar question is how much is this baby. I don’t know (yet!)  but I’m sure [...]

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French Toast

Here is today’s Sunday breakfast… It’s a sin… sinfully delicious that is!

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