Le Monde d’Hermès No. 56

Le Monde No 56


There once was… a drawing.
A drawing tells stories. It surprises and teases…
Balancing between reality and imagination…
An impish companion, it illustrates this Hermès year of tales.
Once… twice… a thousand times upon a time.

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès


Illustrations by Philippe Dumas

For Hermès, 2010 is a year of tales to be told. Remember my previous post about this? This issue is actually filled with lots of beautiful illustrations by Philippe Dumas who is the grandson of Emile Hermès. He is also a designer of Hermès scarves or carré and an illustrator of children’s literature.

While there are certainly lots of interesting articles and stories to read, I found that most of the photos they chose for this issue were very “safe” and were not as creative as the previous year’s issues. However, they were still interesting to look at and made me add a few things to my wish list.

For the Man:

Le Monde No 56 & Ties09

Voyage d'Hermès and Orion case in aluminum and natural cowhide

Le Monde No 56 & Ties10

Bags and accessories for men

Le Monde No 56 & Ties11


Le Monde No 56 & Ties12

Ahhh, to be nicely dressed just to read a book out in the field.

Le Monde No 56 & Ties13

A nice walk on the beach.

Le Monde No 56 & Ties14

Stylishly playing a game of chess.

For the Woman:

Le Monde No 56 & Ties02

Lots of new scarf designs

Le Monde No 56 & Ties03

Polo jumpsuit and lots of accessories

Le Monde No 56 & Ties04

Paper Princess

And of course, lots of bags!

Le Monde No 56 & Ties05

Massai, Be Bop and Chaîne d'ancre parisien

Le Monde No 56 & Ties06

Constance - in all sizes, colours and shapes

Le Monde No 56 & Ties07

Marwari, Onimaitoubis, Le 24, Victoria II, Polochon, Hugo

They also have this new service set from La Table d’Hermès. It is called Les Maison Enchantées .


Gorgeous soup bowl in faïence


Dessert plates in faïence

Nice, isn’t it? There’s still a lot more to see but you’ll have to get your own copy.

What are you waiting for? Go! Now!

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