Spring has finally sprung!

Ah yes, Spring is finally here… well, it’s actually almost Summer. For a while there I thought this cold air mass or whatever-you-call-it is not going to leave the City of Edmonton and we’ll be skipping Summer. We’re finally seeing some buds sprouting and flowers blooming around our neighbourhood. I hope some of you out there who started planting before the May long weekend didn’t lose your precious flowers and plants.

May 2009 Flowers02

We took our cue from the City of Edmonton after we started seeing hanging baskets and various potted flowers and plants all over the downtown core. So finally we took a chance, went to Hole’s Greenhouses and Gardens in St. Albert and bought a few plants and flowers.

Here they are:

May 2009 Flowers01

May 2009 Flowers04

May 2009 Flowers06

May 2009 Flowers03

May 2009 Flowers05

May 2009 Flowers08

May 2009 Flowers15

May 2009 Flowers07

May 2009 Flowers10

May 2009 Flowers12

May 2009 Flowers14

May 2009 Flowers13

May 2009 Flowers11

This time we picked flowers and plants that were not familiar to us. We certainly strayed away from the usual Wave petunia on steroids and find out how green our thumbs are. It actually took us a while to decide which flowers and plants to get since we have to think where each one is going to be planted, the amount of sunlight it should get an the maintenance it requires. One thing we forgot to factor is how windy it gets in our neighbourhood. The plants take a lot of beating so hopefully we picked the right ones that can handle it.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

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