Trunk… not just for your junk

It seems the good ‘ole trunk has made a comeback this year. Not that it went away but it looks like it has become one of those “must-haves” this year and it is certainly getting a lot of attention.


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And why not?

Trunks have been around for hundreds of years and has always been an iconic symbol of travel and for safekeeping valuable items. When I think of trunks, what comes to mind are those big, bulky and heavy antique Steamers or “Flat-Tops”. Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was also thinking of trunks from Goyard and the ever-so-popular and highly counterfeited Louis Vuitton or simply LV.


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I have always been on the look-out for a decent-sized antique steamer trunk to use as a furniture or a decorative storage.  I couldn’t seem to find them after visiting a number of antique stores in the past. However, lately I started seeing them in furniture stores and they’re brand spanking new. Some were even modernized to give them a clean, industrial look.


Restoration Hardware


Pottery Barn

Through Luxury Culture I stumbled upon this interesting website from Pinel & Pinel, makers of fine French luxury steamer trunks. Taken from the Pinel & Pinel website:

Fred Pinel reinterprets French luxury. Pinel knows how to get the best out of the finest materials, bringing true meaning to the word “bespoke”. Hand-crafted in the French luxury tradition, Pinel’s exclusive multi-function trunk collection is a reinterpretation of the 1930′s steamer trunks, following the same idea as the Louis XVI secretaries with their secret drawers are ultra-contemporary, combining the latest technologies with carefully-selected premium materials such as crocodile, shagreen, and full-grain leather.

My jaw literally dropped after seeing his collection of trunks. They are certainly stunning and drool-worthy. Here are some of the trunks in his collection:

Here’s one for the audiophile.


SOPRANO: Music Maestro!

Here’s something for the work-a-holic.


I-TRUNK: The Pocket Office!

For those who who like to relax and enjoy a day in the park… or even just in your backyard!


PIC NIC TRUNK: Trunk of Happiness

For the horticulturalist in you… It even comes with selected bonzai maintenance tools!


KIBAKO: The Green Trunk

And here’s my personal favourite. A Brompton folding bike in its custom-made trunk. Did I mention that there are over 51 colours to choose from for the leather?


BIKE TRUNK: Let's ride!

The old and humble trunk has certainly come a long way. Okay, it’s not that humble. But, with skillful and innovative craftsmen and designers like Fred Pinel or companies like Goyard and Louis Vuitton, the trunk is definitely here to stay.

Now, do you think they’ll accept an order for a Portalet Trunk? I’ll have one in orange crocodile please.


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