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What’s in the box? A blue birthday surprise!

Ding dong! Ding dong! Somebody’s at the door. Who could it be?  The FedEx delivery girl! She’s carrying a small box. What could it be? I don’t remember ordering anything. My name was on it so I guess there’s no mistake there. It’s definitely mine. And here it is. A typical brown box.

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Under the sea…

I’ve been feeling down a bit for the past few days so imagine what I felt when I opened the mailbox and found this.

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Of horses, rabbits… and lamps?

By now you should know that one of the things I love is lighting — antiques, modern, lamps, chandeliers, etc. I remember when I was looking for a lamp for the living room, I happen to pass by a very nice store in Vancouver and I decided to go in. The first thing that greeted [...]

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Happy Easter… indeed!

The day started off with a nice breakfast, albeit tiny portions. I’m happy to say I lost a few pounds but it has certainly been a challenge. Anyway, I had a few grapes, blackberries, half of an egg and cheese toast and a glass of chocolate milk.

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