Of horses, rabbits… and lamps?

By now you should know that one of the things I love is lighting — antiques, modern, lamps, chandeliers, etc. I remember when I was looking for a lamp for the living room, I happen to pass by a very nice store in Vancouver and I decided to go in. The first thing that greeted me was this:

A life-sized horse lamp!


At first I didn’t know what to think of it. I mean, a horse and a lamp? Then I thought, why not? I continued to look around the store but I kept coming back to this lamp. I must have fallen in love with it. Unfortunately, an animal this size, lampshade and all, will not fit in our matchbox-sized house.

As much as we would love to have animals in the house, we like them to be still. Yes, very still. This is probably the closest that we will ever get to. No feeding, no shots or licenses required, and best of all, it gives off light! So, still going with the animal theme, or at least that time I was, I continued my search for something animal-like. Here is another lamp that I saw:

The rabbit lamp!

Rabbit Lamp

It’s pretty much the same size as a real rabbit and you can even see the details on the fur. While I like this lamp, it certainly did not give me the same impression that I got from the horse lamp.

While there were lots and lots of beautiful things to look at and catalogues to browse, I ended up leaving the store empty-handed. Besides, I didn’t have gazillions of dollars to spend in the store to begin with.

You can see other items and get more info about these lamps from moooi and their website is: www.moooi.com

As they say in the description for these lamps “Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever.”

I say “Giddy up and go for it! Yeehaw!”

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