What’s in the box? A blue birthday surprise!

Ding dong! Ding dong! Somebody’s at the door. Who could it be?  The FedEx delivery girl! She’s carrying a small box. What could it be? I don’t remember ordering anything. My name was on it so I guess there’s no mistake there. It’s definitely mine. And here it is. A typical brown box.

Tiffany candlesticks1

It’s well-packaged. Must be something fragile.

Tiffany candlesticks2

OMG! A Tiffany blue box. Yay! It’s my birthday gift!

Tiffany candlesticks3

Now it’s time to strip! I can’t hold it any longer.

Tiffany candlesticks4

Here we go! More bubble wrap? Oh well, I love popping them. And they come in different sizes.

Tiffany candlesticks5

And here it is. Voila! A pair of crystal candlesticks. My very first ones. I have always wanted to own a pair of this but until now, all I’ve ever had were votive candle holders.

Tiffany candlesticks8

Here’s another picture.

Tiffany candlesticks6

So shiny and sparkly! So beautiful. I could just imagine how wonderful these would be with lit tapered candles. I am so thankful for having such a wonderful family and a partner who dearly loves me. I love you all too… and thank you!

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