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Make-Ahead Chocolate Soufflé

Remember the empty soufflé dish from my previous post? Anyway, to celebrate my blog’s one year anniversary, we decided to make this delicious and easy recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen. (I guess any reason to have soufflé would suffice.) According to ATK, this technique only works for the individual chocolate soufflés, which can be [...]

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Apple Dumplings

I received a few requests for the recipe for Apple Dumplings from this last post so I’m making a separate post for this. This dessert is so good, not to mention they’re very easy and quick to make. This recipe is taken directly from The America’s Test Kitchen – Family Baking Cookbook. You can purchase [...]

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Hermès Cheval d’Orient #3

Since the table is all set, we thought we might as well leave them out and have a fancy dinner for two. After all, they can’t just be kept hidden in the china cabinet and be used once a year. We might as well put them to good use, right? And here it is… Voila! [...]

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