I’ve been pretty good for the whole week in terms of eating healthy and portion control. However, today I just couldn’t take my mind off the wonderful chocolates I had yesterday from La Maison du Chocolat. I need to have some more chocolates!

So, I “happen” to have driven by Wild Earth Bakery this morning and guess what I picked up?



I originally wanted to just have the chocolate croissant but the almond croissant was also calling my name. It looked equally scrumptious! I had to have it… and so I did.

So I had a little piece of the chocolate croissant as you can see with a cup of coffee to wash it down.


Ok, I admit I didn’t stop there. I also had to have a piece of the almond croissant. After all, I bought it so might as well enjoy it. Then, of course, I decided to put away the rest for later consumption.  I swear, I did!

Anyway, I finally got around to sitting down and read, or should I say, look at the glossy pictures in my recent book acquisition, Les Vitrines Hermès by Leïla Menchari. It took a while finding this book as it’s not in production anymore so I feel so lucky to finally have a copy in my hands.



Leïla Menchari was the decorator for the window displays at the Hermès flagship store in Paris since 1978. Her last one, 124th, was unveiled last November 28th, 2008 as seen here:
Silver Majaraja

The theme for 2008 was “Indian Fantasies”. Fittingly enough, she ended the year with her last beautiful creation, the silver Maharajah.

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