And… I’m back!

Yes, I’m definitely back!


Apologies to my dear readers and followers (yes you, the five of you). I guess I haven’t posted anything in a long time but after my last post, I needed a hiatus from being on the computer all the time.

Also, it was spring at that time and my partner and I decided to take on a project in our backyard. I guess to say it was a “project” for us was an understatement. This for sure deserves a whole another post on its own.

Anyway, as a last hurrah to the end of summer, we had a barbecue for one last time before putting it away for winter.

But first, a bowl full of salad.


Some fixins, buns and burgers…


Et voila!


Yummy mini burgers! Mmm…


It’s good to be back.

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Balthazar Restaurant

It’s Friday, I’m off from work and I am hankering for a good and hearty breakfast. Not just any breakfast but one that comes with a great ambiance and wonderful service, just like in Balthazar.

Balthazar, New York City

Last year while visiting New York, on our last day we decided to visit a few places in the SoHo district and since we were there early, most places were still closed. I remembered this place was around the area so we decided to go here and try their breakfast.

Once you get in, you can’t help but notice the beautiful interior of the restaurant. It’s like being transported to an old brasserie in Paris.

Even the table setting is elegant but simple.

Balthazar, New York City

After being seated, I ordered the “bowl” size of cappuccino as I felt like I needed more than just a cup of coffee. I had no idea they were serious when a bowl size is ordered. It certainly kept me buzzing all day!

Balthazar, New York City

It took some time to decide what to get but we both ended up ordering eggs benedict with homefries. We needed as many calories as we can to start the day. Mmm… just look at that mouth-watering hollandaise sauce and how it perfectly covers the poached eggs.

Balthazar, New York City

I admit, before we left I was curious to see the washroom. I do believe you can tell a lot about a restaurant after seeing the washrooms and how well-maintained they are.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t take any pictures inside the men’s washroom. That would be too weirdly inappropriate. You just have to take my word that it is very nice and clean inside. However, I took a few snapshots outside the washrooms. There is even a small area with very comfy club chairs to sit on.

Here’s a snapshot of the stairs leading up to the main floor of the restaurant. Gorgeous isn’t it?

You thought that was it, right? We did too until we saw next door they have an adjoining bakery. We had to at least check it out! We still had room for something sweet.

Here is what we came out with. A deliciously dense and sweet sticky bun, and a delectable cake donut topped with vanilla glaze and toasted pecans. Yum!

Next time we’re in New York, we will be back here for sure and try their steak for a late-night supper… and perhaps some desserts!

Balthazar Restaurant
80 Spring St., New York
New York 10012 USA
+1 (212) 965-1414

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Happy Mother’s Day!


…to all the wonderful mothers out there!

I love and miss you Mummy! It’s always nice to hear your voice. I wanted to do something special for her this time. After a lot of thought and thinking back on our previous conversations, I decided to hire maple land works lawn. They are going to take care of landscaping, and they will do it to her liking! I scheduled it for when I know she will be there and I plan to call her to surprise her around that time. She’s gonna love it!

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Have a Yummy Weekend!

What is this you ask?


Beard Papa's

Once in a while I try come up with a reason to head over to West Edmonton Mall just so I can satisfy my craving for some cream puffs from Beard Papa’s.


A light dusting of powdered sugar

Now try to resist this!


Creamy custard centre

It’s Friday! Go ahead. You deserve to have more than one, and you also deserve to use a pregnancy body pillow to sleep like a baby.

Beard Papa’s
West Edmonton Mall
P103, 8882-170 Street NW,
Edmonton, AB T5T 3J7
tel: 780-761-1288
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