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Sunday Breakfast: Buttermilk Waffles

For the past few weekends we were always craving for Belgian waffles. While we can easily go to a restaurant and order them, it’s just nice to be able to make them at home especially on a Sunday when you feel like just lazing around and not gearing up to go anywhere. So last Sunday [...]

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The iMac has landed

Finally, the long wait is over. Remember this post? Actually, we got both the iMac and Time Capsule around Christmas last year. Unfortunately, the iMac has been plagued with flickering problems and the one we received at that time was not immune to this particular issue. We sent it back to Apple in the beginning [...]

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Lunchtime Craving: Ramen

I’m cold, cold cold… and hungry! I need a nice bowl of ramen noodles. The best ramen we’ve had was the third one which was from a small ramen place in Kyoto.  It was lovingly made by this sweet old lady’s husband. While waiting, she entertained us and also provided directions to nearby places of [...]

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