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Boston Cream Cupcakes

I have a confession to make. As much as I love cakes, pastries and anything that is a dessert, I am not really into those boston cream filled donuts or cakes. I never have and I’m sure I never will. They taste really bland and artificial to me. So, after finding this recipe, I decided [...]

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24 Rue du Fauborg St. Honoré

A day at the Hermès flagship store in Paris. Yes, it was really that busy when I was there. Source

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The September Issue: Anna Wintour & The Making of Vogue

Move over Miranda Priestly. The real ‘Devil Wears Prada’ has arrived. Hello Anna Wintour! The documentary by R. J. Cutler chronicles Anna and her team of editors creating the September 2007 issue of Vogue. The said issue was and remains the biggest ever, weighing over four pounds and a record of 840 pages. Watch the [...]

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